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About the School

Kings' Dubai opened in September 2004. Purpose built by bespoke British Architects, the school is located in the prestigious district of Dubai, Umm Suquim, on the coast near to the Burj Al Arab.

Due to the success and popularity of the school we are about to enter a programme of expansion with a new building opening in September 2012.  From this time Kings' Dubai will be a 850 place private, selective school catering for students age 3 to 11 years, largely from the English speaking expatriate community. The school is well resourced. Classrooms are equipped with SMART technology and the school boasts excellent facilities for swimming, sport and the performing arts. Specialists teach Music, ICT, Physical Education, Swimming, Arabic, Islamic Studies and French. The school is managed by a dynamic leadership team and class teachers share responsibilities for co-ordinating subject areas. Kings' Dubai is the only school in the Emirate to have achieved the rating of 'Outstanding' by the Dubai Inspection Bureau of the KHDA for three years running.

 Picture of Kings School

Foundations for the life-long process of education are laid down in the Primary phase. This is when a child's interest in all around him or her is most readily awakened by good teaching and it is when intellect and mind are at their most receptive to the stimulus of new ideas, events, personal investigation and positive feedback. We, as parents and teachers share the responsibility for providing the opportunities for young people to flourish, to give them a stake in their future, furnishing the means by which they are able to make the right decisions, lead others and achieve high levels of personal fulfillment. Kings' Dubai aims in every respect to offer children pathways to achieve these goals.

Our dictum, 'the best by every child' describes the very essence of our work. We set high expectations of our pupils and although the search for academic excellence is at centre stage, pastoral care and personal development in the form of moral strength and stability, creativity, self-discipline and physical well-being are highly significant aspects of an education at Kings' Dubai. Together they embrace the needs of the whole child by way of preparation in a fast moving, rapidly changing international community.

At Kings' we take strength from the very best of English education, which together with the expertise of well qualified teachers deploying the very latest methods of teaching and learning, offers a curriculum that enables pupils to achieve their academic potential and ensures, whatever his/her competence and capabilities that each child becomes a life-long learner; thoughtful, self-aware and tolerant of others.

Teachers are selected for their expertise and experience so that we are able to offer a broad and balanced curriculum which places success at the heart of our spirit and purpose.

We believe that it is our duty and responsibility to provide a high quality learning environment and supportive school community where reserves of talent, latent ability and developing skills are nurtured and where each child may thrive as an individual and as a team member.

Our school with its superb, purpose designed facilities offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for children to build the foundation for future success.


Kings' Colleges Planned for 2012/2013

Plans are active to open the first phases of Kings' College Nad Al Sheba and Kings' College Al Barsha in 2012. 

Kings Dubai College

Kings' Colleges will be a centres of excellence in British education from pre-school to 6th Form with opportunities for adult learning outside of school hours. Kings' students will pursue a curriculum that offers social, cultural and global awareness as well as the highest of academic standards with options in the secondary phase for a range of British qualifications.

Kings' Colleges are designed to service the community and its ever changing needs and technological growth. A low student/teacher ratio, excellent staff and infrastructure combined with professional training programmes will ensure up to the minute expertise and excellence in teaching and learning.

Kings' Colleges will be tailor made for modern Dubai serving the needs of the ever increasing expatriate population, whilst offering a relevant and appropriate education to the local population via Arabic language and social studies with advanced study options.

Kings' Colleges will be phase built commencing in 2012 with the Primary Phase of each College.

British schools with a global perspective

We seek to nurture and send forth from Kings' Colleges, young adults who are interested in people and are able to work with and communicate with a broad range of their fellow men and women; young adults who have open and enquiring minds, who can observe and reflect critically upon what they see. Thoughtful, sensitive and perceptive, interested and enthusiastic learners with confident linguistic skills, numeracy, logical reasoning and a global perspective on life.

Schools with a difference

Kings' Colleges will pioneer school building design in the UAE to facilitate a tutorial and personalised learning approach. A tutorial programme for mixed age groups of students will include core skills for adult life relating to people management and being managed by others. Tutorial groups will operate as teams focusing on how to learn and how to manage learning through life. Managing information and developing the ability to access and evaluate information will be core to the tutorial process which will promote combined project activities involving all ages.

Extra-Curricular programmes will span wide ranging sporting, cultural and musical activities to lectures and debates with an international focus. Kings' Colleges will, via links already established between the Royal Society of Arts (UK), offer artists, writers and scholars 'in residence' programmes that draw upon the international forum through such links as the United Nations One World Committee.

Kings' Colleges will have an established links with similar public schools in the United Kingdom. All students will have the opportunity for residential exchanges that incorporate a study and work placement programme promoting Kings' student's international awareness and experience.

Teaching Faculties

Teaching and Learning at Kings' Colleges will be faculty based. Each faculty will in addition to specialist teaching provision have a unique identity within the school campus, with open/shared spaces for regular monitoring of students' progress and cross-curricular teaching.

Kings' Colleges will have tailor made buildings and facilities to maximise the development of school communities living together in harmony and mutual respect. Elements will include open, well formulated spaces for staff to meet together at both faculty and whole school level with equivalent spaces for students enabling the shaping of the school ethos and culture and fully expressing each school's philosophy:

'the best by every child'